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They’ve finally done it! Kali on WSL! Windows just keeps getting better.


Go to the Microsoft Store and search for Kali Linux. Install the first App!

It should start the installation automatically. After about 5 minutes, the installation terminates, and you will see the terminal pop right up!

The downside of this release is that none of the Kali Tools are installed 🙁

But that doesn’t stop us!

RDP Connection for Kali on WSL

This is the most exciting part! Don’t you wish to have a GUI for your Kali?

Here’s how to get it. Before we start installation, make sure you are root. Run sudo su before typing in any command into the terminal.

We will first need to install wget (Yes. Even that isn’t installed).

apt-get install wget

Next, we will install xfce4:

wget https://kali.sh/xfce4.sh
sh xfce4.sh

The installation will take another 5–10 minutes. Once the installation completes, the last log on the terminal would be

[+] Configuring XRDP to listen on port 3390 (but not starting the service)

The port might be different. Keep the port in mind. We will use it to connect later. Now, all we need to do is start the service

/etc/init.d/xrdp start

You’re all set!

Open Remote Desktop Connection application on Windows, and enter the IP<PORT>; It will take about 5 seconds to connect and you can now log in to your GUI!

Happy Hacking!

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